About Ryan Groth
Ryan Groth, Founder of Sales Transformation Group, Inc. is a family man, former professional baseball player, and entrepreneur who became involved in the contracting business with his family as a teen. Because he saw first hand what an unprofessional "mom and pop" contracting business created for his family, Ryan decided that he didn't want to eventually take over and work in the family business and decided to take the route of a professional baseball career, which became the breeding ground for his work ethic and commitment to growth. A career in the major leagues didn't happen, so Ryan went to work by networking with high performing leaders in the South Florida Community, looking for "what was next" in his journey. As he got further connected into the community, an introduction was made that turned into a 4.5-year chapter where Ryan received mentorship from one of the top businessman in the region and nationally recognized Roofing Contractor. Ryan learned the nuts and bolts, mindset, vision, strategy, structure, systems, and processes of a $50 million per year local contracting sales organization. Ryan had the special opportunity to implement a sales software that was created by this Roofing Contractor to hundreds of contractors nationwide, all while teaching, coaching and consulting owners and sales teams on what it takes to become winners in their market. With this passion and skill set fully realized, Ryan decided to make the transformation of contracting companies a full-time focus and started Sales Transformation Group, Inc. He is on a mission to helping contractors create real companies, organizations that they can leave on vacation and actually turn off their phones. Ryan saw firsthand what a family contracting business was like and what a professional contracting sales organization was like. He is on a mission to help the industry make that transition with his program. 

Ryan is married and has three children, residing in Pompano Beach, FL. 
What do we do?
Help Construction Contractors Build Predictable Sales Models
How do we do it?
Evaluations, Online Learning, Leveraged Group Coaching and Live Events
Why do we do it?
We are on a mission to transform companies and help build predictable sales models for the betterment of others. We believe that if people change, their families and those around them will change for the good.  We believe that our clients lives will transform to new levels of abundance and purpose, allowing us to give to organizations that are making a lasting difference in our local area. We give to foreign missionaries and these local non-profit organizations that are helping the lives of children.
Sales Accelerator: For Growth Minded Specialty Contractors
I take you through the fundamentals of this incredible transformation by beginning with my Sales Evaluations, followed by Online Sales Training Course, and Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Apex Predator: Masterminds for Market Leaders
After the fundamentals have been implemented, I take those who want to remain or become market leaders into mastery level application via Mastermind Events and advanced Sales and Leadership Coaching.
Frequently Asked Questions
  •  What separates you from companies that offer similar consulting like products?  My focus isn't on the overall operations but is on bringing transformation to the people and their lives, sales happens to be my conduit. I do this by measuring their Sales DNA and Competencies objectively, before applying the custom changes. Mindset accounts for 80% of success and I help you place your laser beam focus on getting this right! I truly desire to see people changed, because when that happens then sales happen. I really get to the WHY of the matter, the core of things. Doing this changes everything. You and your sales team will get coaching for life on my weekly calls. I'm not charging per event, per hour or per month. It's a one time charge and you get full access to my support and guidance. At the end of the day, what separates me from them is that it's me. I'm the difference. 
  •  How much time per week will I need to dedicate for your program to be implemented properly? The first two parts will take you 3-4 hours per week for around 3 weeks until you're ready for the team kick off. The team kick off is two days and then you'll run a weekly training and sales meeting after that with the team. This should last about 1.5-2 hours, tops. Each week, you'll watch the modules, facilitate a group discussion and have worksheets and pinups to help you make the transformation. 
  •  What referrals can you provide? I can provide you a few referrals, however, I have already recorded several of them on video and would prefer you to watch them first. If you feel that you need to speak with someone, after you have watched the video, then I will be happy to facilitate that! 
  •  One of my hesitations is that your program is more tailored to creating a sales process for commercial maintenance, which is great, but won't necessarily be applicable to current residential business we have. Should I be concerned? My program is definitely not more tailored to creating a sales process for commercial maintenance. However it's focus is on strategy, mindset, structure, systems and process, sales process, coaching and proven methods for organic lead generation in your local market to create a strong brand that makes revenue predictable. I focus on selling consultatively, selling value and presenting to people's compelling reasons to buy. Repairs for homeowners, commercial building owners, and management groups should be in your overall strategy whether you're a residential or commercial contractor. I'm about building a sales organization around a local brand, helping you to achieve "contractor nirvana" which is to have a highly motivated, trained and accountable sales team that is experiencing an improvement in closing ratio, a shortening in selling cycle and increase in margins so that you can and they can grow at the pace they want for the reasons they want.