Sales Accelerator: For Growth Minded Specialty Contractors
  •  Introduction to Journey: I introduce you to the fundamentals. This is the beginning of the transformation and there are no shortcuts!
  •  Sales Evaluations: Your company and personnel will go through a Sales force Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis on your existing processes, procedures, sales management competencies and sales competencies. All of your sales weaknesses and strengths will be highlighted and measured up against what an overachieving, apex predator market leader should look like. 
  • Online Sales Training: I take you through a strategic sales planning and vision casting process, guide you in CRM system implementation, sales manager training, sales culture creation, goal setting, compensation plan configuration, mindset and sales process training.  You and your team will become different people.
  • Group Coaching Q&A Calls: Every week you will receive additional support from me on a webinar where you can ask questions and received immediate feedback on any issue of implementing my program
Apex Predator: Masterminds for Market Leaders
  •  Peer Group Masterminds: After the fundamentals have been implemented, I take those who want to remain or become market leaders into mastery level application via three (3) Mastermind Events per year.
  •  Group Coaching Q&A Calls: Every week you will received additional support from me on a group meeting where you can ask questions and receive immediate feedback on any issue of mastering the fundamentals from me and your peers in the peer group. 
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